Can Foreigners Buy Lottery Tickets in Singapore?

Singapore is one of the nations in Asia where any forms of gambling are strictly prohibited. Any type of betting is highly discouraged and regulated to prevent any violators.

However, the government only allows two forms of gambling—state lottery and horserace betting. These two gambling industries are operated by the government and these forms of betting are pretty popular among locals.

Despite having two of the most luxurious resorts and casinos, casino betting is still not allowed to locals and must only participate in the lottery instead.

Lottery in Singapore

In 2014, online betting was made illegal in Singapore; however, in 2016, the law was updated to make it legal for the state owned gambling operators Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club.

On the website of Singapore pools, you can bet on Toto, F1, football and horse racing. These features are the ones that are available for betting on Singapore Pools

TOTO is basically like the regular lottery, except that you can pick an additional number, aside from the one usual combination that you pick in the regular lottery.

It’s very easy and convenient to play the lottery in Singapore. You can either physically buy a ticket in a lottery outlet or purchase a lottery ticket online. All you have to do is to visit the website of Singapore Pools.

Gambling Laws

There are a few laws in Singapore about gambling. However, the most well-known is the Remote Gambling Act of 2014.

In this law, citizens of Singapore are not allowed to engage in any kinds of remote betting. What this means is that, it is illegal to do any gambling over the telephone, placed online, using TV or radio, or any type of technology that involves communication.

If you violate this law or any laws imposed involving gambling, you will be subjected to a fine of

$5,000, six months in prison or worse, dealing with both consequences.

Betting on gambling websites

Due to the Remote Gambling Act of 2014, players from Singapore cannot place their bets on any offshore betting websites. This means that you cannot enjoy betting on a poker or slot game on any site outside Singapore. Any access to these sites will be blocked by the government and you will be banned from any online betting activity.

Even if you manage to find any overseas betting site online that isn’t blocked by the government, these sites are not safe to use and should be avoided.

Tourists are free to gamble

On land-based casinos, locals are not allowed to enter one of the two casinos in Singapore—Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands. This means that foreign nationals are welcome to go to the casino with only minimal requirements.

This also applies to online forms of gambling, in which foreigners are allowed to place their bets online on any site that they want. If you happen to play the lottery and wish to buy a ticket, you can do so on any lottery outlets available anywhere in the country.

However, if you want to buy a lottery ticket online, you can visit the website of

Singaporepool odds or Singapore Turf Club. On the site, you will find several options such as betting on regular, TOTO, or 4D lottery respectively.

Final Thoughts

Despite the restrictions imposed by the government of Singapore, players can still gamble whether it is offline or online.

Singapore Pools is home to many exciting forms of betting, from lottery to 4D, you can enjoy placing your bets online with ease. The site is also equipped with many options to accommodate your preference. Make sure that you visit this site to enjoy the latest bonuses and promotions.